This award-winning young adult author of such titles as Eleanor and Park and Fangirl ventures into the world of adult fiction with a lighthearted love story that is sure to leave you smiling.

Set in 1999, readers are introduced to two coworkers and best friends, Beth and Jennifer. Their company has warned them that as the millennium approaches and technology advancements are being made, their emails will be monitored by a security officer. However, the two women don’t take this announcement seriously and continue writing electronically to each other about their personal lives.

Enter Lincoln O’Neill, who is responsible for reading the emails being sent from corporate accounts. When he comes across Beth’s and Jennifer’s messages, he knows they are breaking the rules, but he finds their exchanges amusing and captivating. By the time he realizes he is falling for Beth, he can’t think of a way to explain himself without revealing that he has been reading her personal emails. Will their connection surpass Lincoln’s deception? Find out by borrowing the book from Acorn or requesting it from a SWAN library today!