Selection of Materials

Objectives of the Selection of Materials

  • To provide materials giving information and enlightenment on a wide variety of subjects and for all age groups in the community.
  • To supply authoritative opinions on important and timely public issues, expressing viewpoints pro and con.
  • To maintain and stimulate the educational, literacy, intellectual, and recreational interests of the community.
  • To serve the needs of patrons with special avocations.
  • To serve the needs of patrons with physical limitations and disabilities.
  • To encourage the use of library resources among children and young adults.
  • To provide an adequate reference service.
  • To furnish bibliographic and reader’s advisory service to all age groups.
  • To provide materials for children that will stimulate imagination, mental growth, and the development of an appreciation for good literature.
  • To provide materials for young adults that will help them find self-realization, widen their thinking, gain knowledge, enrich their lives and help them fulfill their recreational and emotional needs.
  • To serve the leisure and recreational needs of the older adult.

Criteria for Selection

  • Significance and enduring value to the existing collection
  • Popular interest and/or patron requests
  • Qualifications and reputation of the author, artist or publisher
  • Currency or timeliness of subject matter
  • Cost
  • Quality of format
  • Support of school curricula
  • Attention from critics, reviews and the public
  • Representation of a unique or balancing point of view
  • Accuracy and authenticity of scientific or historical fact
  • Availability of materials in other SWAN libraries
  • Ease of access and use
The Library provides resources in languages other than English that reflect the predominant languages spoken in the community.

The number of copies purchased varies with the expected use of any item. As demand for an item is demonstrated, the Library will purchase, as the budget allows, enough copies to meet that demand.

Collection Maintenance

  • Withdrawal of Materials – Because of space limitations and in order to maintain the best possible collection, the Library engages in a continual weeding process. Materials are withdrawn from the collection for one or more of the following reasons:
    • Currency – material Is outdated or inaccurate
    • Insufficient Use – material is no longer in demand
    • Poor physical condition
    • Space limitations
  • As the demand for popular items wanes, some or all duplicate copies may be withdrawn.
  • Replacement Copies – Items withdrawn due to poor condition may be replaced. The selection criteria in section 2.12 shall govern whether or not a replacement is purchased

Reconsideration of Materials

Upon receipt of a complaint about Library materials, the Library will: Upon review of the complaint, the Board will:
  • Determine any further action to be taken.
  • If necessary, have complainant meet with the Library Board and the Director at the next regular Board Meeting.

Gifts of Materials

The library welcomes gifts of books and other materials. Such gifts will be added to the collection in accordance with the standards ordinarily used by the library in the selection of materials. The library assumes the right to classify such gifts or to dispose of them as it deems fit.

The library will not make an appraisal of the value of any materials donated, but will, upon request, provide a receipt acknowledging the number and type of items donated, i.e., adult books, children’s books, CD’s, DVDs, etc.

Special collections such as historical materials, books having more than literary value or manuscripts will be accepted by the library only if proper provision can be made for their use.

Materials Requests

Book requests from individual patrons are welcome and will be satisfied as space and funds permit and when the items are suitable to the general standards of the collection. Such requests must also be balanced against the general demand.