From the author of Big Little Lies, comes a new mystery drama. Nine strangers decide to escape the troubles of their every day lives and attend a 10 day health retreat. Little do they know, their lives are all about to collide and become intertwined in a very unexpected way. Moriarty gives us a complex and interesting cast of characters to follow throughout the novel. There is the “washed up” romance writer trying to get over her heartbreak and come to terms with the fact that her career is no longer what it used to be, the young married couple whose lottery win has taken a toll on their marriage, the middle aged man who just lost his beloved dog, and of course the beautiful resort director herself, whose ambition may bring them all to the edge. Although, the story moves a little slow at first, once it picks up the reader is in for a wild ride. Each chapter ends in a way that leaves the reader ready for the next, compulsively wanting to know what happens next. If you like locked room mysteries and character development, this book is highly recommended.