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These resources are for those who are searching for jobs, contemplating a career change, or interested in professional development. Please see our Employment page for openings at the Library.

The Library offers a wide range of resources on job seeking, interview preparation, and writing cover letters and resumes. Please Contact Us for assistance.


Job coaches offer constructive suggestions on resumes, assist with writing professional cover letters, and provide live interview practice and feedback through this resource offered by Brainfuse. JobNow also contains resume and cover letter templates, interview tips, and sample interview questions. Click here for access.

Career Research

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You will probably be asked to provide an active email address when applying for jobs. Creating and using an email account is free. Popular providers include Gmail, Microsoft and Yahoo. Please visit the Library if you need assistance registering for your account.

Resume & Cover Letter Templates

Resume and cover letter templates can be downloaded at no cost from Microsoft’s Office website.

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