Mary Kubica, a native of Illinois, keeps readers guessing until the very last page of her psychological thriller The Good Girl. When Mia Dennett, an inner-city art teacher, goes missing from her Chicago home, speculation abounds that her disappearance is related to her father’s prominence as a judge. One night, after she is stood up by her boyfriend, Mia decides to leave the bar with Colin in the hopes of forgetting about her unreliable date. Little does she know that Colin is plotting to exploit her for financial gain. Only, right before he is supposed to deliver her to his employers he has a change of heart and sequesters her away in a secluded cabin.

As the novel progresses, the puzzle of Mia’s kidnapping is revealed piece by piece, revealing an ending so shocking readers won’t see it coming. A fantastic read for anyone who enjoyed Paula Hawkins’s The Girl on the Train and Gillian Flynn’s Gone Girl. The Good Girl is available at Acorn and through SWAN interlibrary loan.